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Choir and orchestra

Cappella Musicale Corradiana, choir & orchestra, founded in 2007 is conducted by Antonio Magarelli. They are specialized in sacred Renaissance, baroque and classical repertoire. The orchestra is composed by professional Early music musicians, who play original instruments.

Cappella Musicale Corradiana wants to rediscover and perform Puglia’s musical heritage to improve the Neapolitan School music tradition.

They performed across Europe and they were invited by musical Festivals such as, Maldon Festival of Arts in England and Anima Mea – Musiche Mondi Memorie. They were also guests of Pontificio Comitato di Scienze storiche in Santa Croce in Gerusalemme in Rome, to celebrate 500 years from V Lateran Council. 

Among its recordings there are: Passio Domini Nostri Iesu Christi secundum Ioannem (1816), Vito A.R. Cozzoli’s Oratorio (1777-1817); Officia in feria V et VI Maioris Hebdomadae, composed by Antonio Pansini (1703-1791) for three voices and continuo in the first half of XVIII century. Both works belongs to Neapolitan School musical tradition, and are edited by Digressione Music. Cappella Musicale Corradiana edited and performed in modern times Inno al Sole, a cantata by Giuseppe Millico (1737-1802), composed for two sopranos and orchestra. 

Cappella Corradiana is composed by 20 singers and about 15 members of the orchestra.

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